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In 20 years technology itself has evolved rapidly. Today we it is impossible to imagine running business without use of technology. Computers have reached every single business desk and have transformed the way we do business. we provide IT and Automation solutions. Our digital business solutions makes it possible to provide cost effective solutions and higher profit margins.

Our start was in cyber security. We started with performing VA/PT for websites and apps. Slowly our team members increased and we provide all IT and automation related solutions. We have worked in projects that involves Ai/ML, IoT, websites/app developments, home automation as well.

CyberArt Solutions is started by two young entrepreneurs Kedar Badve and Sunil Vaggu in Pune city , Maharashtra India. Kedar works for cyber security and Sunil has over a decade marketing and sales experience. Both came together for pilot projects and started business. Their diverse background helped to establish and grow business overseas as well.  Even in Covid-19 pandemic their business ran smoothly.

CyberArt encourages research. In our company Research and Technological development includes various set of activities include applied research to develop new products or improve existing .Market research is carried out, which establishes the needs of consumers and the potential niche market of a new product. If the development is technology driven, R&TD is directed towards developing products to meet the unmet needs. On a technical level, we explore ways to re-purpose and repackage advanced technologies as a way of amortizing the high overhead. We often use specialized embedded software, computer-aided design software, electronic designs and mechanical subsystems. In our company we encourage curiosity that anticipates new ideas.

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